California Special Education Technical Assistance Network

Thank you for visiting the California Special Education Technical Assistance Network (CALTAN). The goal of CALTAN is to provide evidence-based resources to California School Districts as they continue to improve upon the systems that support positive outcomes for students in California receiving Special Education services. On this website you will find evidence-based special education resources in the areas of assessment, collaboration, instruction, social emotional learning & behavior, and high quality IEPs.  Please take a moment to browse each section to find a resource that will assist you in your work or use our search feature to find exactly what you are looking for.  


Assessment Resources

Explore resources focused on assessment principles and practices relevant to the field of special education.


Collaboration Resources

Learn more about the impact collaboration has on increasing positive relationships between professionals, families, educators and students and how this can increase positive outcomes for students with disabilities.


Instruction Resources

Review evidence-based resources focused around designing and delivering instruction that is strategic, maximizes instructional time, engages learners and is culturally responsive.

Social Emotional Learning & Behavior

Social Emotional Learning & Behavior Resources

Discover resources to support creating and maintaining caring, respectful and culturally responsive learning environments.

High Quality IEPs

High Quality IEPs Resources

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